Fast Food Nation Synthesis Essay

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Sarah Whitaker
Mrs. Kurtz
A.P. Language and Composition
6 February 2013

The Meatpacking Industry: One of the Most Dangerous Jobs in the U.S. A report from the American Meat Institute shows that the U.S. is home to about 6,000 meatpacking plants. Millions of jobs all over the country are made through meatpacking plants. These low paying, risky jobs are swept up by men and women, these people unknowing of what exactly they have gotten themselves into. The meatpacking, today, has become one of the most dangerous jobs in America. As found by Steven Greenhouse of the New York times, “…the nation’s meat packing industry has such bad working conditions that it violates basic human and worker rights.” Ever since the publication of
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The big business owners just don’t care! Now that the secrets are out and the industry is “naked” to the public now, the people are not calling the industry “The Jungle of the 2000s”, an article put out by the Associated Press States. Martin Cotez as interviewed by the Associated Press says, “You know what I like to say to the newcomers? They don’t kill cows. They kill people.” This, a response to his own story description, just puts a whole new label on the industry; murderers! Sinclair’s book published so long ago still seems to have barely effected the industry of today. As discussed in Fast Food Nation, Schlosser also speaks of the injury of workers throughout chapter 8, effectively titled “The Most Dangerous Job.” One example of the horrible working conditions also comes from Fast Food Nation, Jesus “A soft spoken employee of DCS Sanitation Managerment, Inc” Talks of an experience he had on one of his cleaning duties,
“One night while Jesus was cleaning, a coworker forgot to turn off a machine, lost two fingers, and went into shock. An ambulance came and took him away, as everyone else continued to clean. He was back at work the following week. ‘if one hand is no good,’ the supervisor told him,’use the other.’”

Not only did the supervisor not care, a person was injured and still returned to the job he

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