Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser Essay

1498 Words Dec 7th, 2016 6 Pages
“Fast Food Nation,” by author Eric Schlosser is a book that looks at the local and overall impact of the United States fast food industry. The fast food industry has greatly increased in America. Fast food is so popular among Americans because of how cheap and affordable it is. On the other hand, behind it all is a whole different layer. The meaning behind the fast food industry is a dark and scary hidden story. The hidden story is in fact that people had suffered greatly because of their need to keep a job, even if it is dangerous. Most big factories are placed in very poor places in the country and through fore it creates migrant industrial workforce of immigrants. “Fast Food Nation,” exposed the truth that poor immigrants were promised wealth but suffered instead, also caused wages to decreased greatly for workers, as well as no safety protections in work areas, and the produce of meat which are sold to restaurants without customers knowing what they are consuming.
To illustrate, fast food has done a great deed to put their name out there in the society. For instance, fast food is easy, fast, and cheap. From breakfast to lunch, and dinner, it only takes 5 – 10 minute from ordering your food to getting your food. Fast food has become an easy answer to people problem; however, it has become a bigger problem for certain people. For example, America is the number one obese country in the world. The food might be tasty and convenient, but it is also unhealthy. From the past…

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