Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser Essay

1012 Words Sep 6th, 2015 5 Pages
In Fast Food Nation, the author, Eric Schlosser, creates an argument against the fast food business, how it affects people’s health or lives, its practices, and specifically exploiting how these businesses, blinded by income, overlook important issues. He details the business from its very beginnings, its evolution, and with an expansive afterword, describes what the business is like years after his book was published. Throughout his detailed descriptions and background, Schlosser uses several kinds of arguments to get his point across. Schlosser backs up all his ideas with convincing evidence, and proposes possible outcomes in the future with existing evidence. Schlosser gets to the reader using these techniques and creates a proposal argument so convincing, that upon closing the book, one might not want to go out for a fast food lunch. From the very first page, a reader trusts Schlosser, and he uses this to his advantage throughout the book. This ethical appeal carries his argument in a positive light, and never leaves you in the dark, which further strengthens it. When he expresses concern of the way companies target children in their marketing, a reader will understand and be on his side. With in depth insight of the companies wanting loyal-for-a-lifetime customers and including phrases used by companies like “cradle-to-grave”, Schlosser manages to build distrust to fast food businesses in the reader. He further strengthens the distrust when he includes other…

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