Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser Essay example

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Introduction Ethos refers to the credibility of the author, any appeals that influence the target audience 's perception of the author 's credibility and authority on the topic are considered to be ethos. To make it easier to comprehend, does the advertisement seen trustworthy? But, ethos is a double sided blade, it can be established or destroyed in many different ways and depend on how you use it. It 's up to you to figure out how to effectively establish ethos. And what mistakes might damage your ethos? In "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser, Schlosser establishes his ethos by mainly using facts and backing it up with his opinions of the investigations. And by using facts, he also makes it easy for the audiences to see the importances messages he 's trying to convey.
Chapter One
Schlosser 's argument with the fast food industry was not, and did not create a sympathetic portrait of Carl Kartcher, the fast food pioneer. In this chapter, the author somewhat provides a peek into WW II, and how America was like back then. It also provides a background on what Schlosser 's discussion will be about. The information that he provides in this chapter can also be considered a hook. Some people may find it counter-productive in an argument, but the way Schlosser formatted it, it just setting the stage for the argument to come.
Chapter Two Schlosser shows another side of the fast-food pioneer in this chapter. By comparing the rise of McDonald 's with Walt Disney Company,…

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