Fast Food : Its Fast Foods Essay

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• Ch. 21: Food Matters: Why do Americans continue to spend billions of dollars a year on fast foods when they know the health risks?
Fast Food: Its Fast and Cheap Do you know what you’re eating, and if it’s good and healthy for your body? Fast food restaurants have an image of fast, cheap, yummy, and fun for children… so why wouldn’t you take your kids to eat at these places? The obvious and hidden dangers of fast food are something we should all be open to learning more about. Even though Americans know junk food is bad, we still continue to eat it every day. Still, fast food has many dangers obvious and hidden things that the public is oblivious too. These food companies need to be addressed by the government, communities, school systems, families, etc. All these things are being affected; we must make a change on our obesity endemic. This is not something that may be changed overnight though. America is known as the “land of plenty.” More food, more people, more money, jobs, the list goes on and on. Another image of America well-known worldwide is, we’re becoming a country full of overweight individuals. We are the most obese country in the Western Hemisphere and said to be the most obese in the world. Obesity is a major social issue; in the last 50 years, America has turned into a country with more than 60 percent of its population overweight; equaling to roughly 100 million Americans being overweight across the country. As of January 2015, the Average…

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