Fast Food Is The Front Runner Of Causes Essay

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78.6 million US adults are obese. That’s 34.9% or just over one third. (CDC web) The United States has a vast weight problem; where does this problem stem from? From a plethora of possibilities, fast food is the front runner of causes. Places like McDonald’s and Taco Bell are the establishments where many Americans indulge in the sinful fodder that is making them balloon up. They know how bad it is for them; they know that are not supposed to eat it, yet why do they continue to consume it? What makes fast food so appealing to Americans? If Americans know the consequences of this food, they should not ever eat it and they should focus more on consuming healthier foods.
Most Americans are aware that food from places like Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s is low on the list of healthy foods. Despite knowing this, these people don’t know the extent of damage that fast food causes to their health. Fast food obviously increases one’s weight but studies have shown that fast food also plays a part in an increased risk is insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and elevated total cholesterol. Those eat fast foods are also consuming higher numbers of fat, saturated and trans fats, sodium, and extra sugars, and lower numbers of fibers, macronutrients, and vitamins. (Jaworowska 311) Furthermore, “high intakes of sodium and of saturated and trans fats are associated with increased risk of developing hypertension and cardiometabolic syndrome.” (CDC web) Living a life full of disease and…

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