Essay on Fast Food Is Not A Bad Thing

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Eating fast food is not a bad thing, but the bad thing is what we choose for ourselves. We all make choices but in the end our choices make us. If we choose to eat healthy food then it does not matter whether we eat fast food or not. There are good and bad aspects of everything. Fast food is good if we have a busy schedule once in a week, then we can choose to eat fast food. Conversely, we can choose to eat unhealthy food for ourselves.

Fast food is not a bad thing as it is always perceived. It depends on one 's body requirements. Sometimes, one food is healthy for someone while it is unhealthy for some other person. It is based on how our body react to a specific food. For instance, eggs are bad for the heart patients as they increase our cholesterol level and increases our chances of having heart attacks, while it is healthy for the developing children as it is a rich source of proteins. New research out of Yale University has found that eggs can be incorporated into a heart healthy diet without negative effects on cholesterol, weight or endothelial function. It can be easily inferred from it that we can not always blame fast food for our health.

In addition, the fast food do have bad effects on our health. The researchers surveyed 500,000 kids from 31 countries in two age groups: ages 6-7 and ages 13-14. In both groups, kids who ate fast food three times a week or more had increased risks of asthma, rhinitis, and eczema as much as a 39% increase in severe asthma risk…

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