Fast Food : Is It Worth It? Essay

713 Words Dec 5th, 2016 3 Pages
Fast Food: Is it worth it? Fast food is the most convenient food for Americans to have access to. When driving down the highway, a driver always has the option of numerous fast food chains at a lot of different exits. Fast food chains are not only convenient, but they are also cheap. Although the temptation of fast food is prominent, people need to check into what is going on at these restaurants. Reasons to avoid fast food restaurants include false advertisement of food, effects on the human body, and the money saved. The first reason to avoid fast food restaurants is the false advertisement of the food being sold. At fast food restaurants, what the consumer sees is not always what the consumer gets. For example, McDonald’s beef and chicken is actually a ‘pink slime’ scrap meat. The meat at McDonald’s is covered by an ammonium hydroxide which is the same cleaning agent that homeowners would use to clean under a sink. Also, “the meat is fat trimmings and connective tissue that is separated from the bone which is actually not fit for human consumption” (Bylund). Because of the use of this slime meat, McDonald’s is able to produce these burgers in mass and sell them at a cheap price of $1. Further, David Disalvo, a writer from Forbes magazine, looked into the eggs being sold at fast food chains. He discovered that the eggs being sold were “really a strange concoction that includes eggs and premium egg blend.” In fact, the ingredients involved include glycerin which…

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