Essay on Fast Food Is Bad For A Person 's Physical Health

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Do Americans truly know what they are putting into their bodies? Today America is seen by the rest of the world as a country full of overweight individuals. Everybody has their own excuses to why we see so many obese people in our nation, but fast food may be the definitive answer. In our busy society, fast food is becoming more prevalent. Each day, millions of people go to fast food restaurants and order their favorite meals. It is seen as quick, fairly inexpensive, and tasty. Although these things may be true, fast food has many negative consequences. It is also bad for physical and mental health and after awhile it starts to become expensive. Fast food may taste good and may be quick, but the negative consequences far outweigh the positives.
Fast food is bad for a person’s physical health. It may seem like it has little effects at first, but they will soon come back to haunt the consumer. Fast food is mostly fried and it is fried by using oils that are high in cholesterol and are bad for the body. It is also very high in fat which causes people to gain weight, and in some cases, become obese. With the added weight, the person will most likely become lazier and in turn, even heavier. Obesity is something that will not only hurt a person’s appearance on the outside, it will have major effects on their overall health and well-being. It can also lead to conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. This means that is a big contributor to the number one cause of death in…

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