Essay on Fast Food Is A Necessity For The American Culture

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The food industry has changed dramatically within the past century. Nearly every restaurant operation in a town or city used to be locally owned by a family. As time progressed the same street with the locally owned restaurant is now occupied by several fast food restaurants. As an American citizen it is hard to find a restaurant without it being a fast food restaurant. Today’s society wants immediate gratification for everything, including food. The fast food industry has become a necessity to the American culture. Although many people recognize this as an unhealthy choice, millions of Americans still rely on fast food restaurants like McDonald’s. It is nearly impossible for the US population to avoid fast food. Fast food is found in every city and town of the United States. It is served everywhere and anywhere you go, and available every hour of every day. “Fast food is now served at restaurants and drive-throughs, at stadiums, airports, zoos, high schools, elementary schools, and universities, on cruise chips, trains and airplanes, at K-marts, Wal-Marts, gas stations and even at hospital cafeterias” (Schlosser 3). Fast food is available at our fingertips everywhere we travel, and has become a problem in American Society. Millions of Americans suffer from obesity, and it can partly be attributed to the growth in the fast food industry. Americans resort to fast food for many reasons including convenience, cost, taste, and familiarity of the menu. In order to the lower the…

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