Fast Food In Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me

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There are moments in our lives when we have to choose between what is a want or need. The documentary Super Size Me is written by Morgan Spurlock a film in which he also stars as the main character . The idea of Super Size Me is to persuade the audience to choose a healthier lifestyle for food. Spurlock has a strong and valid argument that fast food is the main cause of obesity in America
Super Size Me is a documentary that exposes the business aspect of fast food. The documentary also exposes the food being consumed . Morgan Spurlock agrees to a 30-day challenge in which he will only consume Mcdonald 's. Not only did he eat Mcdonalds he upgraded his meal every time he was asked. Spurlock accepts this challenge to show the effects of having
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He made the situation a personal issue so the viewer could see the effects up close. Spurlock uses several of different sources that convey with his argument against fast food. Spurlock often appealed to the opinion of what looks like everyday Americans which made the film more relatable to the viewer.
Throughout the documentary Spurlock often gave a sarcastic approach to eating McDonald’s. For instance, Spurlock said he felt like he just exercised after he had upgraded his meal to a larger portion. His comments after eating his food would make the consumers assume that what he was eating was taking a major toll on his body. The way the producer worded and phrased his point of view lead the viewer to be skeptical about fast food.
Morgan Spurlock uses auditory persuasion by playing negative songs with the visual of Mcdonald’s often in the background. Spurlock also reportedly contacted 100 nutritionists about their opinion on fast food. He only attempted to record the negative comments that were given by the nutritionist over the phone even though not everyone said the same things about fast food. These auditory tactics aren 't credible because the weren 't factual but clearly biased and opinionated. The tone of the dialogue persuades the viewer to not want to try
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Throughout the film, Spurlock 's gives a negative opinion on fast food . One issue with this form of persuasion is that audience realizes that Spurlock is biased to the situation. It is simple to lose sight of the fact the average American does not binge eat on that level the producer displayed in the documentary. Spurlock 's personal commentary persuades the viewer 's approach to the argument. Spurlock’s personal remarks and reactions to McDonalds’ every day lead to the viewer to think negatively about McDonald 's and or fast

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