Fast Food Has Become A Standard Fixture On Every Street Essay

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In today 's society, fast food has become a standard fixture on every street

corner to satiate our growing appetite. McDonald 's, Burger Kings and many

other chains have become a powerful force in the nation as more people munch

on their globally popular product. Food in general is vital to the survival of every

human yet eating has become an inconvenience. It 's no wonder that the need

for a fast, cheap genre of food quickly emerged as lunch breaks dwindled and

households lacked the time to prepare a proper lunch the day before. Since the

introduction of a faster and cheaper genre of cuisine to fill the growing need,

people have fallen in love. Unlike restaurants, fast food produces a far cheaper

product that is both more convenient and even addicting. As society continues to

rapidly expand, our taste for this new breed of fast food will hold constant,

regardless of the long term health effects the individual may suffer later.

Since the Industrial revolution wages have been maintained at a lower

level, and even at rare times it has ended up below a minimum wage. Fast food

has always been a cheap alternative to healthy, or home cooked meals. Three

to six dollars will purchase an entire filling meal from a fast food location, while

six dollars would barely allow a person to purchase even five bananas. As

inflation continues to affect food prices, particularly healthy foods, more people

will consume fast food, just in order to survive.…

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