Essay about Fast Food : Harmful Or Harmful?

2103 Words Mar 29th, 2016 9 Pages
Of course everyone has heard about how horrible fast foods are for the body, but have you ever wondered why? This essay will prove to you the many ways your local fast food restaurants are harmful to you in multiple ways. The choices you make about the foods you consume will affect your body in a harmful way. No one wants the harmful effects to happen to their body and they never think about it happening to them as they are enjoying their Big Mac from McDonalds or even their toco from Taco Bell.
Eating too much fast food is what has a bad effect. Anyone who eats it excessively, such as twice a week or more, will definitely notice a change in their body, and not for the better. Food is what keeps you going throughout the day. Eating more than you should can and will make a change in the way you feel throughout your day. You will start developing health problems. The things inside of fast foods are what affects you the worst.
Something you can find inside of fast food at an excessive amount is sodium. The reason so much sodium can be bad for you has to do with your kidneys and the way they function. Your kidneys get rid of the salt in the human body. If there is too much salt in your system, a buildup can occur. This happens because the kidneys are not able to get rid of the salt fast enough. As all of this is happening, your heart is having to pump harder and faster. This is how people can develop high blood pressure. Heart disease is another possible factor that can develop…

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