Fast Food Fast Talk : Service Work Essay

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Leidner wrote a book, Fast Food Fast Talk: Service work and the routinization of everyday life, in which she worked in and observed working life in a McDonalds and compared it to an insurance company. Her book focused on the routinization of service jobs and its effect on the people working, the customers consuming the product, and the effect it has on the company. This paper focuses on a McDonalds in the Southside of Jacksonville, FL and how it compares to the observations made in Leidner’s book.
Going into this project, there were not many expectations made about what to expect in the McDonalds observed. The following are the expectations that were kept in mind while the field observations, discussed later in this paper, were conducted. One expectation was that half of the workers would be under 20 (Leidner, p. 50). This was based on statistics of how many workers under 20 are employed across all of the McDonalds that are in operation, based on Leidner’s book. Another was that, workers would work in more than one position throughout their shift (Leidner, p. 52). Leidner emphasizes that the workers are often cross-trained and able to perform multiple positions should the need arise. There was the expectation of speedy service and clean surroundings (Leidner, p. 53). This is something that is emphasized across every McDonalds in operation worldwide. The expectation of workers smiling at the customers (Leidner, p. 73) was something that McDonalds emphasizes and it is…

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