Fast Food Companies Should Not Be Healthy Essay

1113 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
Everyone deserves to be happy with themselves and be healthy. I get it it’sits hard not to eat and a delicious burger or some greasy fries but there are better ways. You can still eat the same things you love but make it with a healthy twist. Already many companies are evolving because of the huge demand for better food. If more and more people kept demanding these things as in healthier choices that don’t consist of fattening and poisoning chemicals in them then maybe those restaurants you love will change. I get that maybe it’s not as cheap and you love the unhealthy things in these foods that make them so good but you 're worth it because you deserve to live a happy and healthy life.
Fast Food companies are spending $4.2 billion dollars on advertisement but can’t spend more money on better quality products, healthier products and more of it. If you go to McDonald’sto McDonald’s you get this patty that’s not even meat between two buns covered drenched in grease. I get that it’s cheap and easy but if I’m going to eat a burger I want one that has veggies, some real meat and I’m not getting a mouth full or grease. Instead of going out make your own burgers and fries. I love making real beef burgers and setting out a bunch of toppings and having everyone make their own burgers during the summer and eating in the cool grass. Or make any fast food you like at restaurants yourself and make them healthier with a salad and other fun healthy choices. Some people say that a lot of…

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