Fast Food Companies Have A Negative Influence On America Essay

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America is well known for being home of the free and land of the brave, and for a while now, the land of fast food. The United States is the biggest fast food consuming country in the world. Yes, its tasty, quick, and easy to serve, but that’s about all the positives to fast food that there is. Fast food companies have a negative influence on America that continues to effect the nation in many ways. The companies and restaurants have become extremely harmful to the nation and continue to grow this way. While other countries are known for their unique and differentiating cuisines, America’s culture remains defined by these damaging meals. In Philadelphia, 1912 the first fast food restaurant opened in America named the Automat, founded by Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart. The restaurant quickly became popular, leading to many Automats being built around the country. Due to the increasing number of cars, the company also popularized “take-out” food, by using their slogan “Less work for Mother.” Americans credit Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson for creating the second fast food chain called White Castle. During this time, hamburgers were seen as low quality and believed to be the scraps from slaughterhouses. However Ingram and Anderson wanted to change this view of burgers, thus creating their own restaurant, where the burgers were cooked in front of the costumers. However in a short amount of time the chain started to quicken the system, by punching five holes into each patty so…

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