Beyond Fast Food Executive Summary

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a. Do you have a clear and compelling organizational Mission (WHAT you do as a firm)?
Beyond Fast Food’s mission is to allow busy families to eat healthy and fresh meals without worrying about preparing them themselves or the ingredients used. Our online kitchen is designed with a cutting edge technology to allow customers to pick their own ingredients and their own cooking style, and submit their orders to a physical restaurant to prepare their family meal for pickup. We want customers to have their meals the way they want whether baked, grilled, fried, unsalted, or however they chose. Our aim is to provide top quality and healthy meals that are beyond what is served by fast food restaurants or any regular restaurant that has a strict menu.
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We want to support busy and health conscious families develop a healthy eating habit without sacrificing their time and efforts.
- We want to obtain 5 percent market of the restaurant industry in the next 5 years.
- We want to achieve 90 percent awareness in the market in the next 12 months
- We want to double our revenue in the second year.
e. Do you have clear organizational Strategies (HOW you will achieve your organizational Goals)?
We know in the fast food industry that convenience comes at the expense of healthy. With Beyond Fast Food it does not have to be that way. Our key strategy is to address both healthy eating and convenience by using an online approach. With more and more women working outside the home, we want to take this opportunity and deliver our services to them allowing them to make healthy eating choices for their families. Nowadays, with everything centered on technology, we want to use that ability to make our services more flexible and convenient to our customers in a most affordable way.

f. Have you conducted a SWOT analysis for the business?
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The Threat of New Entrants: The threat of new entrant is high. Apart from Mc Donald’s and Burger King that entered the market in China, there will be local chains that will also disrupt KFC’s business. Yum brand has to constantly innovate to keep up with the market trend.
Bargaining Power of Suppliers: The power of suppliers is low because the ingredients used in our recipes are widely available through multiple suppliers. We can decide to buy from another supplier if we suspect the quality of the products supplied by the current supplier without a significant switching cost. We will consider a vertical integration with a centralized supply chain which reduces our dependency on the suppliers.
Bargaining Power of Buyers: Consumers have a stigma for the consumption of fast food. Since Beyond Fast food is more adaptable to the choice consumers and more focused on healthy eating, we will still be able to attract more consumers than rivals in the fast food market. The bargaining power of buyers is high because they have so many other restaurants to choose from with no switching cost involved.
Threat of Substitutes: The threat of substitute is very high because the easy availability of fast food at a very cheap price. Beyond Fast Food needs to focus on high food customization and adapting to their business environment in order to stay

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