Fast Food And The Obesity Essay

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Fast Food and Obesity in America

A single mom and her two kids are going to their usual easy-to-purchase meal of McDonald’s. The mother tries to not let her and her kids eat at fast food places because she knows about all the horrible ingredients in the food at fast food joints. However, she is is always busy, so they end up going to fast food restaurants anyway. She knows of their eventual health issues if they keep eating, but she ignores it. The payoff of a cheap, quick meal is much better than making a home-cooked meal! This mirrors what usually happens to busy families across the United States. Fast food and obesity correlate closely, which negatively impacts those who eat it. Obesity has horrible health risks, including the possibility of death, and many other countries consider Americans to be obese, fast food lovers. Although this may not be true for all Americans, it seems like a fairly accurate overview once the following facts are taken into account. The fast food industry profits year round from something that is killing Americans nationwide known as obesity. Many American families are busy and a fast food restaurant is a cheap, easy alternative to eating out at a higher quality restaurant or simply having a home-cooked meal. What people do not realize, however, is that it is causing them to be obese. About 34% of American adults in 2011-2012 were obese and a staggering 69% were overweight or obese. Meanwhile, childhood obesity rates were 16% with the…

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