Fast Food And The Food Industry Essay

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Is the fast food industry declining as new healthier alternatives become more readily available and how does this affect the fast food industry?

While the majority of fast food restaurants offer healthier menu options, a recent study has found that less than 3 per cent of customers actually order them (Clarke, 2011). Most people are aware that fast food is not the healthiest food available, yet generally they choose to ignore it in favor of the convenience, taste or cost of the unhealthier option (Stossel, 2013). With research showing that less than 3 per cent of customers now avoid ordering fast food, this raises interesting questions such as what alternatives are they choosing and why are they choosing these alternatives? And are fast food outlets taking the opportunity to try and mimic these healthy alternative trends? Through analysis and observation of information regarding fast food, the following investigation examines why customers are beginning to opt for healthier alternatives over fast food and what affect this is having on the food and hospitality industry – Area of study: contemporary future issues/technological influences.

What factors determine customer’s choice of healthy fast food alternatives?
Joe Kosterich, Medical Doctor stated, "There are two distinct groups of people, there are those who could not care less and they 're going to want three cheeseburgers and four Cokes and there 's another group of people that are increasingly looking for…

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