Fast Food And Its Effects On Obesity Essay

1583 Words Nov 30th, 2016 7 Pages
Today’s society especially in the United States consumes too much fast food, resulting in a higher rate of obesity, disease, and an overall bad diet. These fast food companies are selling us unhealthy food that is causing an alarming rate of obesity. According to an article published by BioMed Central Public Health obesity is a major public health problem in the United States owing to its substantial mortality and morbidity and increased health care costs (Laxy). So, in addition to fast food causing obesity it is also costing people more money because they’re getting sick resulting in increased health care costs. Fast food is also causing major health problems in society. In an article published by Everyday Health, it said anyone may develop type 2 diabetes. A type of diabetes is often caused by poor lifestyle choices (Vroomen-durning). Lifestyle choices like eating lots of unhealthy fast food. Eating too much fast food also causes a higher risk of getting heart disease. In an article published by Livestrong, it talked about how the fast food you eat directly correlates with a higher risk of dying from coronary heart disease (Renee). In addition to fast food being unhealthy, the drinks consumed with fast food also tend to be unhealthy. The drinks consumed with this type of food is usually very sugary and energy dense with no nutritional value. All in all, these fast food companies only care about money, they don’t care about public health and definitely don’t care about the…

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