Fast Food And Its Effects On America Essay

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Some fast food chains have had profitable years financially; some chains have had some major economic downturn in recent years. Americans as a whole turn to fast food all too often. Lately, though, the country is beginning to see a slight change. People are becoming more aware about what they put in their bodies, and fast food does not have the quality society is looking for. Because of this, some fast food chains, especially McDonald’s, have been seeing quarter after quarter of declines in sales. With a focus on the economy of the fast food industry in America, this research shows how much money is being lost every day by corporations and shareholders, and where else the money is being spent. McDonald’s has had an unimpressive sales year in America, but has more prospects overseas. According to Kim Moore in Oregon Business Magazine, “Data show the number of convenience food eateries is generally falling in the U.S. Public awareness of the benefits of healthier eating, rising commodity prices and market saturation are hurting the industry” (Moore 17). In May 2015, McDonald’s new Chief Executive Officer, Steve Easterbrook, was very clear about their poor performance. He stated that the fast food giant reached their peak several years ago (Berfield 21). Easterbrook also stated that the chain will attempt to sell more of its corporate-owned locations in

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America to franchisees to cut costs and bring in a more steady cash flow. When a location is a franchise, the…

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