Fast Food And Human Health Because It Can Cause Obesity Essay

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Fast food is not beneficial to human health because it can cause obesity. Sarah Muntel, RD, believes that eating one meal from a fast food joint will force the body to quickly take in about 1,500 calories which is the general recommended calorie intake per day along with about 50-60 grams of fat intake. A routine of constant fast food meals will continue to increase the amount of calories being consumed by the body, leading to weight gain and other problems (Is It the Enemy par. 2). In other words, by eating fast foods constantly, the body is absorbing an immense amount of calories. These calories cannot be used and absorbed properly so the body stores what it cannot use as fat. If the fat is not burned immediately and correctly then it leads to enormous weight gain and eventually obesity. John P. Hussman, Ph.D., states, “When you 're eating 5 or 6 times a day instead of 3, your portions had better be much smaller than they used to be. As a rule of thumb, it 's generally advised to target between 8-10 calories per pound of desired weight, if you 're shooting for fat loss” (How Calories Work par. 6). Hussman’s point is that if you’re eating frequently throughout the day, especially from fast food restaurants, your meals should be smaller than what they normally are to prevent weight gain. However, because fast food is so addictive and convenient, people are prone to order a buffet of different fast food items whenever they feel the need to eat. As a result of all the food…

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