Fashion Merchandising Essay

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Fashion merchandising is where fashion and business meet. Fashion merchandising involves marketing fashions to various retail stores, boutiques and wholesalers. The mission of a fashion merchandiser includes connecting different fashions to consumers and anticipating what your clients will be interested in. Fashion merchandising doesn't center on fashion alone; it entails a keen business sense and knowledge of assorted marketing strategies and techniques.
Fashion merchandisers are customer-oriented and inspire their customers through the presentation of clothes. Fashion management involves the promotion of fashion and evoking interest in new styles and products.

Fashion merchandisers study trends, research the marketplace for
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The main roles involved are those of designing, development of new and unique products, production, and creating and developing sales and marketing plans. While these are the broad roles, some fashion merchandisers have specific roles pertaining to one particular area. In detail, the following are the key roles played by fashion merchandisers.
Attending various fashion shows to pick up the latest in style and utilizing this knowledge in the development of new products.
Analyzing and predicting trends and fashion clothing styles, and collaborating with fashion designers to create and introduce new and unique products in the fashion industry.
Working with suppliers to strike cost-effective deals for production.
Developing marketing strategies that will enhance overall sales.
Working in close contact with other professionals in the fashion industry.
Managing the retail store by designing the store layout and engaging in visual merchandising (enhancing sales through store displays).
Working in close contact with the media, by utilizing photography, magazine publications, and other such techniques to promote new products and the store.
Analyzing fashion trends to develop products to cater to a target or niche market.
As you can see, designing is only one aspect of fashion merchandising, and there is a lot more involved in this career field. All

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