Fashion Impact On Society

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Impact on Clothing: Indian Fabrics were treated as exotic and the British fell in love with cotton and indigo. These Indian textiles influenced British tastes before the Raj. But once the British started ruling, everything changed, a new culture emerged and so did a new cultural identity. There was a stark difference in the dressing sensibilities of the British and Indians.
After looking at the clothing attires of British people, Indians started looking down upon themselves, they thought that their customs and costumes reflected illiteracy and so refused to wear their native clothes.
“The process of imitation and adaptation are central to our understanding of creativity. Human cultures evolve through a continuous exchange of ideas, beliefs,
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Important personalities in history have also had an impact on fashion, but no matter how competitive and innovative the Fashion industry is, it actually has to follow what is called the “Fashion Cycle”, which has no specific measurable time period. Some styles sustain for longer period of time. Some die out soon, and some styles come back years after they were declined. So we can say that fashion changes with time and has always been evolving to fit the taste, lifestyle and demands of society. Every new day comes with a new trend.

Impact on Society:
We can argue whether or not the fashion trends has more of a positive or negative effect on people of today, regardless we can agree that the apparel industry has grown to become very popular and influential. It seems as if everyone is trying to pursue a career in this field. Society comprises of the population including small kids, teens, adults, working population, and retired people. There are various categories including different level of population and their mindsets, so the influence or impact of the trends will differ from category to category, group to group, and individual to
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One of the first impression people have of you is from your appearance.
• Fashion and trends and that to apparel are one of the most popular items and one of the most popular topics spoken on television, magazines, and internets. With their popularity they can influence many people.

• Bending generation towards western culture.
• Forgetting Indian culture and ethnics.
• Showing more interest in the Hollywood fashion and trends than own country.
• Today’s new generation prefer western outfits than traditional.
• Many people not only follow the latest trends and styles but also believe and emulate the images of sticky skinny that are projected by fashion industry.
• Young girls do to achieve such zero figure images and then lead to dangerous eating disorder.
• The attractive ads of the apparels and new trends telling what’s hot and what’s not engulfs the teens.
• The use of really thin and unhealthy models for the apparels show.
• The ways that today's teenagers and young adults are wearing the trends of the 1960's (my parent’s decade) are more scandalous and

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