Fashion During World War II Essay

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Once the United States of America got involved in World War, the fashion changed its purpose and reasoning on clothes. Factories and clothing material should not be used for military purposes. Fashion is not meant to be in the World War II and neither should factories where the clothes were made from. It was affected horribly due to forces. Fashion had a big impact during World War II from factories to designers. When World War II began that was the decline of making clothing. The factories were not used for making clothing anymore. Many lost their jobs or got moved to another occupation. The factories were now being used for making tools, bombs, and many other supplements needed. In Germany, there were a lot of factory shut downs and clients were furious they declined buying their clothing from home shops. “ Other factories lost their workers due to concentration camps and were henceforth forced to shut down as well (Page 1).” Experts say that it was a very difficult time to buy clothing. Clothes were so limited they would have to reuse their own clothing more than once during the week. Due to this conflict it really affected the men more than the women since majority could make their own clothing for their household. Men had to find tailors or makers to get clothes for themselves. Therefore in France during this time women had to adapt to a new look called la robe a mille morceaux. It means it is clothing that has already been used and tampered with. Women did…

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