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Fashion is a great deal for most women. From changing of one season to another, every woman wants to look best on the outfit they have as season changes. As we all know, any outfit would not be complete without wearing the right kind of footwear. Just like any outfit, footwears also come in different colors, design and functionality in order to fit on the various needs of the changing seasons.

One of the fashion dilemmas that most women consider is not being able to flaunt their outfit with a damaged pair of shoes as they think it is HOPELESS. But if you find a shoe renewal shop that can provide you with modern equipment and repair services, restoring the good condition of your shoes is not as impossible as you think.

One of the longest
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Amplify their style by pairing them loosely fit dress with an eye-catching animal print. Just make sure you don 't overdo it by choosing minimalist prints that can still keep the balance between your kicks and outfit.

Another way to perk up your renewed pair of kicks is to wear them with your jersey wrap skirt or a nice knit sweater. A laid back style that perfectly complements the soft and easy comfort of your shoes while still looking trendy and fashionable.

For a more hip style, match your sneakers with a faux leather leggings with a structured coat and you’re good to go!

Finn Oxford Shoes

If you just had your pair of worn soles replaced with original Finn Comfort soles, the best way to bring them back on the fashion limelight is to pair them with a flared skater skirt or add a more feminine touch with a floral print skirt.

If you want to put more experiment on your style, grab your pair of chinos and roll them up about an inch or half from the bottom for a shorter hemline and wear it on with your satchel bag to put more emphasize on your nice curve and shape.

A cropped fit and preppy sweater also goes well with your renewed Oxford shoes.

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As a golden rule, since your ankle boots are intended to highlight your ankle as the most slender part of the leg, this kind of shoes should be in full display without letting any fabric get in the way. The best way to do it? It’s either you wear short pleated skirts or pair them with your choice of dress to help you accentuate them in a more fashionable way.

Fashion is not about following a set of rules and standards in order to feel and look good but it is all about comfort and confidence. There are more than a hundred ways on how to make your renewed shoes more fabulous than before it only takes a little courage to figure out what outfit would best fit you at a certain day.

Keep in mind that even if you wear luxury brands but if you do not find yourself comfortable on how it looks on you, it would still end up as a sluggish style that you do not want to do over again.

There are many ways on how to mix and match colors in your outfit and your shoes, it only takes creativity and some little help from the internet on how to make it a

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