Essay about Fashion Based Upon Gender Roles And Culture

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Is fashion based upon gender roles and culture? Does it really matter on the way you dress? Well fashion is different in many ways. In many countries fashion is based on culture. Fashion is expressed in the way a person is dressed in public. Gender roles and culture has an effect on fashion. Fashion is influenced in our life styles.
As time has passed by in American culture, it has changed in many ways. In the past decades, students used to dress formally to go to class, but now students have many choices of new styles. Students don’t wear the casual dresses or suits now, they wear Nike, Adidas,Jordan, Gucci, Dockers, Victoria 's secret, Asos, and Eco brands. “In the 1920s, when women really broke away from dresses and matchy suits, and instead began to use sweater vests and other outfits, versatility entered the minds of buyers. At that point, people began to mix and match, wear more sweaters, more gored.”(Roberto A. Ferdman) “By the late 1920s, very few college men wore suits to class. The rise of the sports coat is an incredibly underloaded change in American culture. Because once boys started wearing sports coats instead of suits, men 's outfits became more versatile, they moved away from ties, they wore all sorts of different things, like sweaters, with their jackets.”( Roberto A. Ferdman) Men can 't resist buying a new pair of Jordans and Nikes shoes. Women have to own Victoria 's secret perfumes and Eco purses. Most women wear shirts, pants, jeans, and t-shirts for…

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