Fashion At Sfu 's Vancouver Campus Essay

1984 Words Apr 7th, 2016 null Page
Day #3: SFU Fashion Week Females and fashion were terms that practically go hand in hand. The practice of clothing consumption was typically regarded to being a female issue however in modern society, men in the fashion industry have become more widely accepted. Historically, men were known to be the producers to motivate women to consume (Blakewell, Mitchell, & Rothwell, 2006). At season three of SFU Fashion Week, while a majority of the guests attending were female, there were an ample amount of males attending and participating in the event as well. The runway show of SFU Fashion Week took place at the Segal Graduate School of Business at SFU’s Vancouver campus. SFU Fashion Week compares to Vancouver Fashion Week in ways that it parades the designs of certain clothing brands, however SFU Fashion Week features grassroots designers within the SFU community. Vancouver Fashion Week is a renown event that features larger designers and brands. The production overall is substantial compared to SFU Fashion Week, thus there will be contrasting implicit and explicit rules taking place. At SFU Fashion Week, I aimed to recognize the implicit and explicit rules that were taking place and analyzed which individuals complied to these rules through simple observation (Deacon et. al., 2007). SFU Fashion Week was set to start at 6:30pm, however many guests arrived earlier. As groups of guests arrived, they headed towards the registration desk that had three volunteers. They had noted…

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