Fascist Ideology- Norsefire and the Nazi Party Essay

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Fascist Ideology
By Evie Friedrich

Question One.
What were the ideologies of the Nazi Party and the Norsefire Party portrayed in V for Vendetta?
Nazi ideology or Nazism was the ideology developed by Adolf Hitler and other prominent Nazis in Germany. There were many existing ideologies that influenced Nazism such as Fascism and Nationalism, however Nazism was a unique ideology in many ways. It combined many ideas, values and morals that were key to Hitler’s vision of Germany, such as Lebensraum, the Fuhrer and Autarky. These core elements of the Nazi regime show Authoritarianism, Nationalism, Militarism and Expansionism (Llewellyn, 2014).
The idea of having the Fuhrer, which was the title given to Hitler, showed the idea of an all
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The Norsefire party run several departments; the Finger which is the secret police, the Nose which is the regular police force, the Eye which is the surveillance department, the Mouth which is in charge of propaganda and the Head which is the Leaders headquarters and controls the whole ‘body’. The Norsefire party used each department to achieve total control of the British people.
Traditional values are also very important to the Norsefire party. Concentration camps were established and anyone who wasn’t white, hetrosexual and Christian was prosecuted. This showed the desire for a ‘traditional’ England, and also made it easier to control the population.
Like the Nazi party, Norsefire displayed extreme Totalitarianism, which gave them a lot of power over the British people.

Question Two.
What were the pressures from which these ideologies emerged?
There were a lot of pressures in Germany at the time of the rise of the Nazi party that contributed to their success. It is likely that they also influenced Nazism and the reason behind Hitler’s vision of Germany. In V for Vendetta the pressures were similar to that of Germany at the time, and the pressures also contributed to the ideology.
After WW1 Germany was in disarray. The Weimar republic had just written a constitution and had a vision to make Germany a democratic republic. In fact it was the most

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