Fascination Of Man And Camel Essay

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Fascination of Man and Camel The incredibly mysterious mood and tone of Man And Camel is what captivates the reader. There are numerous ways one could take in the poem and comprehend it. The fact that it is so mysterious and strange makes it a poem that the audience must figure out. The text itself is persuasive in a way due to how seriously it ends. As well as being serious, the text is also can be viewed as mystical and inspiring. Whilst reading Man And Camel, the clinching line comes when the reader realizes that the man and camel are singing together (Strand line 6). This single line alone would be enough to catch any reader’s attention. Camels singing? This is a curveball to the reader and grabs the attention of anyone comprehending it. Not only is the camel singing, but the man is singing with the camel, which makes it even more strange and unique. What does the writer try to convey by showing the man and his beast joining together in song as they stray across the desert? Maybe he is trying to shed light on abnormal relationships. Relationships that would make people turn their head and look twice. This man and his beast had a bond together. This much is known for certain. The question is, what kind of bond? This leaves the reader thinking. There also seems to be some sort of relationship between the man on the porch and our two friends as well. The man on the porch states that this could be “the night he had waited for so long” (Lines 15-16). What could the man and…

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