Farmingville Case Study PT 1 Essay examples

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Farmingville Case Study PT 1
Alien in one definition is: “Too different from something to be acceptable or suitable,” and Illegal in one definition is “Not allowed by the law.” (Mirriam-Webster Dictionary) The words ‘Alien’ and ‘Illegal’ have inherent negative connotations. A person does not need to know the intimate or factual circumstances associated with those words to understand their symbolism. When those words are used to label the social group of undocumented Latino day laborers the inherent reaction is to see them in a negative way. The individuals become a stigmatized group. The people against undocumented immigrants in Farmingville saw the Latinos through the lens of the stigmatized group “illegal aliens.” They thus became
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Internationally there is more connectivity between countries with businesses and jobs and products. That contributes to Immigrants being aware of, able to and desire to move to the U.S.

8. Identify the dominant culture and subculture in Farmingville.

The dominant culture was the White Americans and the Latino Immigrants were the sub culture.
The day laborers experienced the culture shock of nationalism and racism. One day laborer in the film commented on how people would drive by and yell at them, when they were just trying to work, and that he did not understand it. The Farmingville residents were culture shocked by the amount of immigrants and how prevalent they were everywhere and their noisiness. One lady mentioned that she couldn’t go to 7/11 without seeing a day laborer. There was a language barrier as well and conflict could have risen out of misunderstandings and inability to communicate properly.

Some of the people commented that there were too many day laborers living together per single houses. While that may have been common in Latino culture, the Americans were not used to it and therefore saw it as being bad. Having such a singular view on how things should be, as you think they should be, creates tension in any setting. The people of Farmingville judged the immigrants according to their values and disliked them because the immigrants did

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