Farming And The World : Environmental Lens Essay

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Farming and the world: Environmental lens Modern methods of farming are dangerous to the environment, to the animals that live in them, and to human’s as well. As the world becomes more populated, we will have to globally generate more food for both humans and livestock to feed the increasing appetites of the populace. We will of course, as a nation and a world do our best to satisfy the growing hunger in every capacity we can. The problems arise if we choose to do so in the same way we are currently growing our food. Before delving into the issues of farming it is important to look into the growth of the world population of the last 50 years. According to, “in the second half of the century; the human population of the 1900’s more than doubled from 3 billion to a little over 6 billion.” The Farmers of this time were in a huge dilemma, because they had to figure out how to compensate for this rapid growth in people. They also, at this time had a revelation that it was more economically favorable to feed cattle and livestock the same grains they were feeding people instead natural grazing. This switch constituted the need for better systems of growing and of course more arable land. Not all the land on the earth has the capacity to produce natural growth. The more fecund lands are usually developed and require immense upkeep. defines arable land as, “Cultivated land used for agricultural crops and livestock.” The entire world has approximately thirty-six…

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