Farm Journalism Essay

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Agricultural Journalism
Definition-principles-Purpose- Importance & Functions
Farm / Agricultural Journalism
In the era of knowledge, intensive agriculture farmers need timely and local specific information about their farm practices. Farm journalism can play very crucial role in collection, processing and dissemination of information according to need of the farmers. The farm journalism should be based on scientific research and should be timely, local specific and according to needs of farmers.

Concept of Farm Journalism
A journal was originally an account of daily events. The word “joun” means day. The habit of keeping diaries or daily account gradually led to the evolution of the word journalism. It may also mean the
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Information base

Mostly research
Mostly don't exist

Facts and view


Reliability of information

Restricted to regional language Low
May or may not be restricted to regional language. Principles of Farm Journalism
“A principle is a statement of policy to guide decision and action in a consistent manner” (Mathew). Principles guide to us to do work in right direction. Ray (2003) mentioned some principles of farm journalism which are given below:
 Use simple language: Explain the technical terms in short and simple sentence, using common words which have concrete meaning.
 Structure and arrange arguments clearly: Present ideas in a logical order, clearly distinguishing between the main and the side issues.
 Make main points brief: Restrict arguments to the main issues clearly directed towards achieving stated goals without unnecessary use of words.
 Keep important information at the top: Organize the write-up like an inverted pyramid, keeping the most important information at the top.

 Use lively pictures and photographs: The pictures and photographs should be simple, bold, with good composition and good contrast of light and shade, so that the message intended to be conveyed is clearly brought out.
 Prepare a stimulating write-up: The presentation should be interesting, inspiring, personal

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