Far From The Tree Analysis

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The woman question is the proposition of defining and explaining the universal dominance of men over women. Some theories from the textbook that care to explain this question are from some great sociological thinkers who are Rubin, Rosaldo, and Ortner. Rubin hypothesized that every society on earth contributes to the “sex/gender system” and in this system biological sex is transformed into asymmetrical gender statuses. Through these statuses social guidelines, like those regarding incest, are set in place and women in the end are viewed at as valuable property with men having the rights over them. A second theory, which is credited to Rosaldo, is that this universal dominance is related to women’s involvement in childbirth and caregiving …show more content…
Based on what I read in the “Far From the Tree” there are many similarities and differences that can be drawn from the experiences of deaf, dwarf, and down syndrome kids. Starting with similarities, all 3 categories of kids are in a way separated from the rest of the kids which society labels “normal”. For instance, each of the 3 categories of disabled kids are separated in the school system in an effort to supply them with the supplementation they need in order to develop in an adult. For example, in the case of deaf students, children have their own separate schools which can foster a healthy education but by the end of the 20th century more than a third had closed and 80% of kids ended up going to public high schools with less enabling tools to help those deaf children. Kids with down syndrome are in a similar boat with minimal “private” schooling options for those disabled with their condition and kids are often forced to attend public schools with less tools to help them than a private institution. Another similarity can be located in the emotions of the parents of these individuals who feel that it is their fault or doing for the state of disablement in their children (which is common in all 3 categories of deaf, dwarf, and down syndrome cases). Differences in these 3 disabled categories are pretty much rooted in their experience in their disabilities. For example, dwarf people need more height accessible tools as shown in the example of Sam or in her hunt for romance when she was just 16 years old and her parents were wishing for her to meet a LP guy. Deaf, dwarf, and down syndrome individuals have trouble with education but in different ways. A deaf person is impaired in his/her incapacitation in hearing, a dwarf can be impaired if their head and brain structure is also underdeveloped like their body, and a down syndrome person can be impaired based on brain development according to their case with Trisomy. For the last part of the question I am

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