Fantasy Sports For The United States Essay

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There are almost forty million people partaking in a fantasy sports competition in the United States. Iowans represent about three hundred and fifty thousand of those with four Iowa cities, including Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Des Moines, and Sioux City, making the top ten list of “fantasy football” searches per capita in America according to a survey that Yahoo! conducted. What if every Iowan playing fantasy sports for money, whether on a site based on giving out prizes to winners or placing a wager amongst their friends, is doing something illegal. Fantasy sports are games where people draft professional athletes for their imaginary team and attempt to score more points than their opponent. Points are accumulated for each player based on how well they do in their real games. Iowa and five other states, according to Geoff Baker of The Seattle Times, are the only ones that feel as though fantasy sports are a form of gambling. The problem with this is the fact that those six states are wrong in their belief because fantasy sports are not gambling and should therefore be legal. A major reason that fantasy sports are separate from gambling is that, unlike the latter, which require only luck to win, fantasy sports are games of skill. “The goal of every fantasy sports contest… is to strategically select a team of players that will score the most possible points” (Danielson, 1). Jeff Danielson, who is an Iowa senator, agrees with the fact that it requires skill to put together the…

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