Essay on Fantasy Sports Can Be Defined As A Media Game

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Fantasy sports can be defined as a media game in which people use real life professional athletes’ performances, as points to win a made up game (Carroll 12, 2013). It is easy to see why a fabricated game like this could become so well liked throughout our culture because it is another way for fans to live out their professional sporting dreams vicariously through the athletes, while also being able to put together a group of players that would otherwise never be on the same team (Carroll 12, 2013). Fantasy Sports may seem like a harmless game between super fans, but over the years it has become a betting and gambling hotspot, which has led to many legal problems like in the court case Humphrey vs. Viacom (Carroll 6, 2013). Because big money and significant prizes started to become the norm for fantasy sports, this has altered how altered how athletes are viewed to play the game especially in the NBA. Fantasy players have grown further and further away from being fans of teams, and they have grown closer to becoming cheering for individuals, because that is what helps their team win (Fleitch, 2015). Another theme that has risen in the basketball world is fashion and commercials. Whether it is shoe brands, clothing lines, or commercials for a law firm, professional basketball players have enjoyed the success they have formed off the court. Because these athletes have become such large influences on our culture it is hard to not have them in other means of media, which…

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