Fantastic Mr Fox Analysis

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The movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is about a Taoist concept called Inner nature. In the book “The Tao of Pooh,” the author, Benjamin Hoff, states that Inner nature is beyond the power of the intellect to measure or understand (38). Furthermore, Hoff explains that Inner nature is the concept that everything has its own unique function (40). In other words, we cannot scientifically understand Inner nature, but only know that everything in nature has its own unique purpose including individual humans. My goal is to show the various stages the character Mr. Fox experiences in understanding his Inner nature.
The opening scenes of the movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox” shows the character Mr. Fox respecting his Inner nature. In the book “The Tao of Pooh,” Hoff states “when you know and respect your own Inner Nature, you know where you belong (41).” The movie begins depicting Mr. Fox’s change by first showing him at his best. The movie illustrates Mr. Fox at his best with his fast and un-interrupted speech. At this point, Mr. Fox is shown to be in a state of acceptance with his life until Felicia tells him she is pregnant and asks him to promise to stop doing his dangers job. This as a result
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Fox’s journey is him accepts his Inner nature. When everything goes wrong with the three part heists, Mr. Fox is taken aside and has a talk with Felicia. Felicia asks Mr. Fox why he lied to her. He says “Because I am a wild animal.” She replies “you’re also a husband and father.” He then answers “I am trying to tell you the truth about myself.” Felicia goes on to talk about how this is a way to predictable story and how Mr. Fox will get everyone killed at the end if he doesn’t change. On page 68 of the movie script, Mr. Fox says that I have a possible theory about why I do what I do (Anderson). He says that I have this thing where I need everyone to thing I am fantastic (Anderson). In other words, Mr. Fox has finally accepted his Inner Nature and what it has

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