Essay Famous Blue Raincoat By Leonard Cohen

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Leonard Cohen’s “Famous Blue Raincoat” uses references from the song “Lili Marlene” which deepen and affect the overall tone of “Famous Blue Raincoat” by portraying Lili Marlene as the perfect woman, while we compare her to the character of Jane. This comparison shows the readers how badly affected the narrator is by Jane and her love triangle, thus, the reason for the narrator feeling betrayed and in his gloomy letter to the brother character. We see that this intertextual use is deepening the meaning of the overall tone of the poem by showing us the pain of losing something you love. The reference is also showing us misery and loneliness felt by the characters as well as emphasizing the conflicting emotional state of the brother figure and the narrator. If this reference did not really exist, we would not interpret the poem in the same perspective. That being said, the most significant effect of the reference to Lili Marlene is to make the overall tone of the poem more somber. The reference makes the tone of the poem “Famous Blue Raincoat" more somber by emphasizing the loneliness and misery that the narrator and the brother figure experience. The reference song has a very opposite meaning from the poem “Famous Blue raincoat” because the meaning is faithfulness of the woman character, Lili Marlene, as she waits for her lover to return from battle. While on the opposite hand, the meaning of Leonard Cohen’s poem is betrayal and how the narrator is betrayed by his wife…

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