Family's Dream In A Raisin In The Sun By Lorraine Hansberry

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Set in the south side of Chicago in the 1950s, A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry depicts the Youngers, an impoverished family, fighting through harsh times. Beneatha Younger, a hopeful, ambitious college student, strives to live the best life she can under her challenging circumstances. Her family’s financial status causes her to pursue her dreams, struggle with her own identity, and fight to stay true to herself.
While Beneatha and her family struggle to make ends meet, one constant in her life is her ambition. In her indigent financial situation, Beneatha struggles to make her dreams become a reality. The rest of her family, however, believes success can come from marrying a wealthy man, in this case, George Murchison. Murchison
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When Beneatha’s family tries to coerce her into marrying Murchison purely for his money, she asserts, “Oh, I just mean I couldn’t ever really be serious about George. He’s- he’s so shallow” (Hansberry 839). While the Youngers believes Murchison is the best prospect for Beneatha, because of the impact his money can have on the poverty stricken family, Beneatha is honest about her feelings regarding Murchison and does not mollify her beliefs to please her family. Murchison’s money and influence do not change her opinion, instead, Beneatha chooses to follow her dreams and let her mindset dictate her future. During the same topic of controversy, with Beneatha and Ruth, Ruth retorts, “Well- what other qualities a man got to have to satisfy you, little girl?” (Hansberry 840). Ruth’s statement exemplifies just how little Beneatha values money. She understands it is an important aspect of life, but she does not allow her life to revolve around it. She stays true to herself by consistently putting more emphasis on her own morals rather than concerning herself with others’. Beneatha is not willing to change herself and is obstinate about her ideas and what she wants in life. Her poverty causes her to value her mentality on life more so than her financial

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