Family : Who Do You Consider Family? Essay

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Who do you consider family? The general idea of what a family means is, a group of people related to each other by blood. This concept has changed over the years, for example, nowadays it is common to consider families with parents of the same sex ,or families where there is only one parent. The traditional meaning of what family is has always been the mother, father, children, and other relatives. Family for me is someone that really cares about you and protects you. I do not think it has to be related to you by blood, neither do they have to be a large group of people. I am an only child, but I have the satisfaction of having some amazing friends who I can proudly call them brothers. Family is really important in life especially during your childhood. They have a lot to do with the person you will grow up to become. For example, they guide you when you are taking a wrong way, but they do not judge you instead they help you become a better person. The overall idea of what family means for me is, someone that truly cares about you, is always there to support you, and loves you.

Some people disagree with my definition because they think that the only family you can have is the one related to you by blood. In my opinion, those people are wrong because sometimes the person who you consider family and has your blood does not truly care about you and protects you the way somebody else would. On the other hand, you can find someone that truly cares about you and loves…

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