Family Violence Is Not Always Physical Violence Essay

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Question 1: Why do we talk so much about gender when we talk about family violence? Outline key statistics, concepts and evidence that may help explain and explore the role of gender as it relates to family violence.
Family violence has become a very dominant issue in today’s society. Family violence is not always physical violence but instead can consist of behaviour that puts an individual down or makes the individual feeling worthless. Gender plays a major role within family violence as in most domestic violence cases males tend to be the abusers and the females are usually the victims, however this not to say that men do not experience domestic violence. Violence can occur within any relationship such as homosexual couples or even between individuals who are considered elderly or disabled. Gender plays a major part within family violence as gender equality makes a difference from the point a baby is born Babies tend to receive stereotypical reponses depending on what sex they are born. For example female babies tend to get things like dolls when they are little whereas males tend to get toys like aeroplanes. “Family violence tends to be heavily influenced by gender as it usually occurs between married individuals. A survey conducted by the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) indicated that “37.8% of women who current or previous male partner and 34.4% said the perpetrator was a male family member or friend and most incidences of physical assault against women in…

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