Essay Outline On Family Violence

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Thesis: Family violence impacts children in negative ways by making their future harder to deal with, changing their perception towards individuals and by affecting their emotional stability and self-esteem.
I. Family violence negatively impacts children/ teenagers by making them hard to deal with their future.
a. Major Detail: It is harder to children to focus on school because of the stress of living with abuse (Havelin 15).
i. They tend to be disruptive in class and not pay attention (Havelin 17). ii. They may get into fights with their friends (Stark 51). iii. They could become “sexually promiscuous” and start using drugs (Wallace)
b. Major Detail: Teenager who grow up with abuse often repeat the cycle, doing the same things as they
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Since it becomes harder for them to accurately read “signals or the signs of others’ negative emotions”, they could think people behave differently than how they really do. (Culp- Ressler) iii. b. Major Detail: Family violence changes how teenagers think about their parents.
i. According to Havelin, it “warps their sense of family”, shaping how they “think about love” (15). ii. They could even think that since they are unhappy, their parents could be too of having them as their children (Stark 41). iii. After watching their parents hit each other, teenagers can start thinking that their parents’ relationship is unhealthy, and it is unacceptable (Loring 50-53).
c. Major Detail: For example, when many students everyday arrive to their homes and get to see their father hitting their mom or vice versa, it becomes easy for them to imagine that close people to them could not behave as good as they usually do when they are not around them and that they are only trying to have a good reputation amongst others.
d. Concluding Sentence: Even though it is hard for abused teenagers to deal with their future after going through all the bad experiences, it is easily possible for them to change their perceptions towards individuals, affecting their relationships with

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