Family Values : Family Families Essay

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There are many different styles of families, such as; nuclear families, blended families, extended families, foster parents, adoptive parents, and single-parent families. Some cultural assumptions made about families are that the couple is married, they have biological children with one another after they are married, and the husband and wife have gender roles. Some values other families have are not the same as another family’s values. Culture, history and society have very big influences on family values. Family values are usually passed down from generation to generation. My family has specific traditions and values that have been passed down since before I was born. Most values and traditions, like holidays, have history attached to them.
Nuclear families are families that have a mom and a dad that are most generally married, and have a child or children together. Blended families are families that have a mom and a dad, but have children from previous relationships. Extended families are families that consist of an extra family member. Such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or any number of other family members. Foster parents take care of children in need. The foster parents give the child new opportunities, but sometimes the biological parent or parents want their child back, and usually win custody of the child. Adoptive families go through a very expensive, legal process in order to become the legal guardians of a child in need of a good home. A single parent family is…

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