Family Values And Family Structures Essay

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Family’s all around the world have different values and family structures, kinship systems are human relationships interdependence underlying all social organization (Gonzalez 35). I have my bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and have an interest in the political structure of the U.S. I am a campaign assistant and helping my candidate to become the next U.S. Senator. It is my job to get information concerning the social issues of family and family values, so my candidate can formulate a family values policy platform. I interviewed a University of Georgia Student, Toddi about her values and family structure to get more information on kinship systems.
Toddi was born in 1970 and lived with her family orientation for 18 years (Kottak 362). She married her husband John shortly after that. Their son is named Bennett, while the daughter is named Hannah. Neither child is married or has kids. Toddi’s parent’s names are
Eddie and Lynda, and John’s mothers name is Patricia. Johns stepfather’s name is Marvin. Sadly,
Johns dad George passed away and his mom remarried Marvin. Joining their family was
Marvin’s two kids, Lynn and her younger brother. Toddi’s mom Lynda has a brother Tommy, and her husband’s brother is Terrel. Tommy is the uncle of Toddi and he is married to Brownie, and they have four children. Two of their children, Ernie and Chip, passed away in a car accident. Also, they have a son named Dee and a daughter named Carolyn. Furthermore, Toddi has a 2 siblings, her sister…

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