Essay on Family Values And Family Relationships

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One family could be rich and happy, and another rich and unhappy, it all depends on what makes the family. Not all families have to have blood related members. Patrick A. Velardi from Yale said, “People everywhere seem to live in groups that can be called families” (Velardi). Not all families are blood related, Families should be a group of people that care for each other and also have each others backs during the toughest times. Within every family unit, there is always something that makes it unique and different from others. Throughout American Literature, the theme of family can change depending on the history, community and traditions, and how they get along. The Two families in “Our Town” work together and are close to each other. Throughout the play, the reader can see how the two families function and how they work together as a unit. As neighbors, the two families have been close enough for long enough that the two wives gossiped and shared family business and the kids became good friends. Like any family, there are complications within the unit, like how Mrs. Gibbs wants to go on a vacation, but Mr. Gibbs uses his superior position and says “no”(Florman). With no need for the money, Mrs. Gibbs gives the vacation money to George and Emily to help with their lives at the farm. When George and Emily got married, some of the family members were upset because they were moving out and it felt like they were losing them. To keep close to his family, George promises…

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