Family Unity In The Braddock Family

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The Great Depression of the 1930's deeply affected the Braddock family and millions of others following the stock market crash. The Braddock family posses a story of overcoming difficult obstacles. Jimmy Braddock, the heavyweight championships, experienced some bad luck for a while and had his boxing license taken away. As a result, he struggled to place food on the table for his family. The kids were starting to become sick and Mae, Jimmy's wife, started to become hopeless. The Great Depression had some devastating effects on the Braddock family, especially in the themes economic hardship, emotional distress as well as family unity. In the course of the Great Depression, many families endured economic hardship. The Braddock family was one …show more content…
Therefore, it is even more important during times like the Great Depression because most families are suffering and they need on another. Family unity is illustrated in the movie right before the final fight, which is against Max Baer. Mae comes to let Jimmy know that she believes in him and that he is their hero. This was significant because it gave motivation to Jimmy Braddock to fight strong and hard. In addition, Family unity is also demonstrated when the Braddock family has their electricity cut-off, which results in Mae to send the kids to a relative's home. When Jimmy finds out, he becomes extremely upset especially since he promised their oldest son, Jay; he would never send them away. As a result, Jimmy secures a little money from government relief and the former people he used to work with in his boxing career to bring his kids back. This was significant because Mae sent the kids without asking Jimmy, however, he was still able to bring them home. It is important to protect and support family to be able to unite with one another. In conclusion, the movie gave an accurate interpretation about the era of The Great Depression especially in the themes economic hardship, emotional distress and family unity. This movie helps viewers understand how Jimmy Braddock lost everything during the great depression. However, it shows how quickly he gained everything

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