Family, Tradition, Entitlement And The Effect Of Education On How We Perceive The World

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The User”, by Alice Walker is a short story that examines the concepts of family, tradition, entitlement and the effects of education on how we perceive the world. It revolves around an African American family, mother and two daughters, Dee and Maggie. The setting is home in a rural area in Alabama and takes place during the mid-20th century. The mother sends the older daughter away to attend school in Augusta and with the help of her church she raises the money to give the daughter a better life. The younger daughter and mother are awaiting the arrival of Dee the older sister who is coming home for a visit.. Instead of a daughter who would come home glamourous and Americanized, Dee comes home in a bright African garb with a lot of gold jewelry talking a language the mother and sister are unfamiliar with,. Dee also brings home a male companion and both mama and Maggie are uncertain if they are married. Both sisters are polar opposites of each other. Mama has about a second grade education due to the segregation movement, and Maggie who shares her mother’s tradition and culture, lives with mama, has about the same education maybe a little more. Dee because of her education has an attitude of entitlement, she is joined this time with a male companion. She and the male companion seem to enjoy laughing at the mother and sister at their expense. The two sisters have various opinions on their definition of what family heritage should be, Maggie values her loving…

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