Family Tradition

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How do family tradition and cultural legacy contribute to and individual self-Identity? In my family we have one tradition that sticks out for me and that is every Christmas we have breakfast and dinner at my grandmother house. I can’t wait for Christmas because we have a big Christmas breakfast which consist of bacon, eggs, pancakes, fried apples, and sausage. I must tell you that my grandma’s pancakes are to die for. Now her Christmas dinner is just as good as the breakfast. She always have 4 beef roast, a huge ham, rice pudding, yams, brown beans, green beans, potato salad, corn bread and that good old mac and cheese. My grand Mother had to have surgery on her shoulder which make it harder on her. So she can’t lift the pots and pans due …show more content…
I tried to make it for my family for Thanksgiving and it turn almost just like my grandmother’s I just didn’t use enough salt and sugar. Maybe I will do it better next year. I am going to keep trying to make it on Sundays so I can get it tasting just like my grandmother. I want my kids to bring their kids to my house. So I can make my grandkids love me just like I love my grandmother. I will always remember How me and my cousins love to go over grandmother house to eat all my grandmother‘s gum and sweets that she had for us. Because I know that my grandmother is not going to live forever. So I want to carry my grandmother’s tradition on for generation. We use to have the same tradition for thanksgiving but my aunts stop it because they wanted to go shopping and they made us eat too early. That is why I stayed home and didn’t go to Roanoke for Thanksgiving. I stayed here in Chesapeake and had thanksgiving at my new home. I am here to tell you that we had company and we had a good time. We played games and eat dinner and we laugh and had so much fun. That they ask me are we going to have Christmas here but I had to tell them that I have to spend Christmas with my grandmother. As long as my grandma is still here and she feel up to having breakfast and dinner I will still be going back there to share this precious time with her. I also like the fact that we are all at the …show more content…
Most people don’t have grandparents still living. So I feel if you still have grandparents that are still here and they are still doing the same old things that you have grown up doing. Don’t complain just continue doing the old tradition because you are going to look back and say how you love doing those thing with your grandparent after they are gone. Believe me I know that my kids are still young and I can’t wait until my kids have my grandkids so I can do some of these old traditions with them. Yes I believe that I will be one of those grandmothers that spoiled the grand kids and over feed them. But it is okay because my grandkids will know that there grandma love them and there is no other grand kids in the world can compare to them. Yes, I love the old traditions and I can’t wait until I can make new tradition for my grandkids to pass

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