Family Time Please Essay

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Today’s generation is filled with constant access to web browsing, social networking, social media, IPads, IPods, and Iphones. With all of these constantly upgrading, convenient ways to connect, our current generation is becoming more and more reliant on technology. Almost all Americans have access to the internet. Families spend more time networking with each other, and connecting by posting on each other’s walls, viewing pictures, and listing each other as relatives. We are a web-based generation, who is to the point where we barely even have verbal conversation with one another. Is this the way to go, or is a more simple, nostalgic lifestyle change a necessity for future generations? What is left for our future children? Should …show more content…
If families even spend dinner time together, it is spent in the living room, around the television. Yet again, technology is the forerunner in the development of our children. They learn from what they hear through networking and social media; not from what their parents teach them.
Another important tradition is spending time with extended family, such as grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Thirty years ago, it was second nature for families to always have Sunday dinner. Everyone would gather at an appointed relative’s home, and just enjoy each other’s company. Along with Sunday dinner, family gatherings in general were more prevalent. People looked for any reason to have a cookout. Families would gather outside, and spend quality time with each other, making food together, and just enjoying each other’s company. Today, if a family cookout were to be observed, one might see a few grandparents sitting with each other, middle-aged adults making food, and young –adults or teens texting, or networking. It is inevitable. The minds of today’s youth are being flooded with social media, and cyber linking. Their vocabulary is filled with “lol’s, rofl’s, ttyl, idk, ikr, wtf”. This is not okay. A mass majority of young teens are being molded in to plastic people. Take a lesson from Grandma. Learn about communication skills, and having a kind heart.
Currently, children are learning basically

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