Essay about Family Therapy Based On The Principles Of Attachment Theory

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Johnson (2008) developed Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy based on the principles of attachment theory. The basic assumption is that lack of a secure attachment in childhood results in emotional and relationship problems in adulthood. Parents are human beings with their own problems and cannot always respond to children in a healthy and appropriate way, so it is quite common that children experience insecurity and trauma. However, in order to heal from the wounds of childhood, adults need to grieve and process the feelings that they had to set aside when they were little (Bloom, 2000). Adults can develop secure attachment with a significant other and heal the relational wounds from childhood (Johnson, 2008). Further, evidence suggests that a therapist can act as a secure attachment object for a client (Bayer, 1992; Chapman, 2014). Within the support of a secure attachment relationship, Emotionally Focused Therapy contends that we can change when we compassionately accept ourselves as we are (Corey, 2013). Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy goes further to lead us to compassionately accept our partner (Johnson, 2008). Participants in group therapy can provide the human connection where clients can learn and practice compassionate acceptance of self and other, simulating the attachment bond. From there, clients can learn to regulate their nervous system and practice effective coping, rather than using maladaptive coping through addictive behavior.

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